I really should write more…

Hmm . . . it’s nearly three weeks since I last posted anything. I could make excuses – too busy at work, a week’s respite in Cornwall with the wife and daughters, decorating a bedroom in preparation for the prodigal son’s return at the end of the month. (He’s handed in his notice at the call centre and is moving home to concentrate on his writing ambitions. Go for it Jake, what have you got to lose?)  

I could make excuses, but, hey-ho, who am I kidding?

The truth is I’ve been spending my time looking at other people’s blogs, other writers’ blogs, and it’s all a little humbling. There’s so much talent out there. So many writers with something interesting to say and a great way of saying it.

I know I’m new to this blogging mullarkey, but it ain’t easy.

Still, you’ve got to start somewhere. Don’t just sit there smoking your pipe, contemplating your navel and getting depressed. You’ve got to write to get better and them words just won’t write themselves . . .

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