Discoverie is the fictional account of Francis Sparry, a young Elizabethan writer, forced to flee England for a crime he didn’t commit. After accompanying Sir Walter Ralegh to America, Sparry was left behind with the Indians, where he was captured and imprisoned by the Spanish, making it home six years later.

Sparry practises geomancy, an ancient method for gaining insight into future events similar to astrology. Each of the chapters is represented by one of the sixteen geomantic symbols, and the story unfolds in six parts, in the manner of a divination.

Sparry arrived back in England shortly before the gunpowder plot and might easily have crossed swords in later life with Matthew Hopkins, Witch Finder General. His ongoing adventures will appeal to those who like speculative historical fiction.

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If you want to know more about geomancy, then you can read Francis Sparry’s take on it, here:

On the Ways of Geomancie


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