We’re off!

Right!  I have the bare bones of a workable site!  (I have deleted the ‘follow me on twitter’ link, as I’m not yet tweeting, and my one tweet to date was just embarrassing. I guess I’ll have to get over that.)

I’m hoping “Discoverie” will be published in the next few days, but in the meantime I’m making it available (or at least some of it), for anyone interested in a sneak preview.  My protagonist, Francis Sparry, was a fascinating character in real life.  He really was an authority on geomancy, and made the journey to South America with Sir Walter Ralegh in search of El Dorado.

I enjoyed researching the story, and will put some background stuff out as well.

Discoverie – The beginning…

I’ve finally finished writing ‘Discoverie’, and have decided to go ahead and self-publish.  I have approved the final draft for publication, and hope to be able to order a copy in the next few days! Once I have checked that and made any necessary corrections, I shall make it available to purchase immediately on the FeedAread site, and then on Amazon!

In the meantime I need to work on my WordPress site, which given my lack of IT skills and general uselessness at this sort of thing could take a while.

I’m not planning on giving up the day job anytime soon, although that could be out of my hands, if work doesn’t pick up.  (Come on you criminals – up your game!)